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Introduction to Criminal Justice

Current Term:  Fall 2014

This page will provide my Intro students with resources aimed at helping you get the most out of the class.

One of the most useful tools on this site is my CJ Glossary.  It is still a work in progress, but I hope that it will help you better understand core criminal justice concepts and find out more information on topics that interest you.

The Textbook is Criminal Justice in America  (Seventh Edition) by Cole.  There is no way around this, you really need the textbook for this course.  You get get the book from the UAM bookstore, off the UAM bookstore website, or you can get it from Amazon.com.  Click the link to the right to check Amazon's used book prices.

Download the Fall 2014 Syllabus  

Study Guides

Section 1.1: Major Components of the Criminal Justice System
Section 1.2Roles, Objectives, and Limits in Criminal Justice
Section 1.3Measuring Crime
Section 1.4The Criminal Justice Process (Part 1)
Section 1.5The Criminal Justice Process (Part 2)

Section 2.1: Dual Federalism
Section 2.2: Politics in Criminal Justice
Section 2.3:
The Policy Making Role of the Supreme Court
Section 2.4: The Civil Rights Revolution
Section 2.5:  Theories of Punishment

Section 3.1: Sources of Criminal Law
Section 3.2Substantive Criminal Law
Section 3.3Elements of Crimes
Section 3.4:
Section 3.5:

Section 4.1:
Section 4.2:
Section 4.3:
Section 4.4:
Section 4.5:

Section 5.1:
Section 5.2:
Section 5.3:
Section 5.4:
Section 5.5:

Section 6.1:
Section 6.2:
Section 6.3:
Section 6.4:
Section 6.5:

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