Investing Basics – Conclusions

For many reasons, modern life requires that you understand investing and that you actually do invest.  Debt and procrastination are the pillars of poverty.  If nothing else, follow the simple steps I outlined above and get your wealth-building program underway.  Indexing is an excellent investing tool, but only if you can master your own psychology.  If you are risk averse when it comes to money and lots of red ink will likely scare you into rash action (as it does most people), then read on and discover how you can limit some of the short-term losses that cause so many problems for some many people.

I’ll present some bad investing ideas and explain why they are wrong.  This should build confidence in the right way to invest, and help you stay the course when times are not so good.  I’ll also present some possibilities that are neither good nor bad in any absolute way.  You can either ignore these or stick to indexing, or you can add some risk in an effort to achieve better returns.  The choice is always yours; whatever you decide to do with the balance of this book, I hope you obtain the knowledge somewhere to make informed decisions.

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