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Welcome to my humble travel pages, where I share my musings on travel, including my experiences in the Philippines and international dating. While I offer my opinions, they are not meant to be taken too seriously. Instead, my aim is to entertain and offer a fresh perspective. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


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Doc’s Passport Scores

Traditional expats and modern passport bros alike are keen to know which countries and cities are best for living the good life.  I’ve created a system to “grade” cities and countries objectively so you can identify a short list of places to research.

My Methods

I’ll include some articles about where my information comes from if someone asks (comment below), or when I feel like it.

Doc’s Passport Scores for Expats

Traditional expats are typically older and more settled. They may be married with children, and they are often motivated by the desire to retire to a more affordable or desirable location. Traditional expats are more likely to be interested in integrating into the local culture, and they may stay in one country for many years or even decades.

Doc’s Passport Bro Scores

Don’t see the article you’re looking for?  Use the comment fields below to ask your question.  If it fits my site, and I know the answer (or can research it), I’ll do my best to answer it.  

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