Broker CDs

Fundamentals of Market Investing by Adam J. McKee

Although most CDs are purchased directly from banks, many brokerage firms and independent salespeople also offer broker CDs.  These individuals and entities, known as “deposit brokers,” can sometimes negotiate a higher rate of interest for a CD by promising to bring a certain amount of deposits to the institution.  The deposit broker can then offer these “brokered CDs” to their customers.

Thoroughly check out the background of the issuer or deposit broker to ensure that the CD is from a reputable institution.  Deposit brokers are not licensed or certified, and no state or federal agency approves them.  Since anyone can claim to be a deposit broker, always check whether the deposit broker or the company he or she works for has a history of complaints or fraud.  Many deposit brokers are affiliated with investment professionals.  You can check out their disciplinary history using the SEC’s and FINRA’s online databases.  Your state securities regulator may have additional information.

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