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Criminal Justice: An Overview of the System by Adam J. McKee

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Section 1.1 SLOs

After finishing this section, you will be able to:

  • Identify and articulate the differences between individual rights and the public-order perspective.
  • Understand the necessity of an order maintenance system within society and elucidate the role of law in such a system.
  • Analyze and describe the structure of the criminal justice system, focusing on its three main components and relevant criminal justice terminology.
  • Grasp and explain the overarching goals of the criminal justice system.
  • Interpret and explain the concept of justice from multiple viewpoints.

First Edition Slide Presentations

The HTML text for the first edition is no longer available, but you can still obtain the slide decks:

For the Classroom:  INTRO-Section-1-1-presentation

For Printing: INTRO-Section-1-1-print

Present from the web:

Download a Printable Vocabulary Study Guide [PDF]:  Criminal-Justice-Vocab-Study-Guide-1-1

Study flashcards and play word games on

Lecture Notes

Section 1.1: The Criminal Justice System [Opens a shared Google Doc.  You can highlight, copy, and paste into your word processor for printing]

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