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The Office of Diversion is a specialized body that oversees the legal use and distribution of controlled substances and drafts related regulations.

The Office of Diversion is a specialized unit comprising diverse professionals like diversion investigators, special agents, chemists, pharmacologists, program analysts, and others. Their mission revolves around regulating and monitoring controlled substances to prevent misuse.

The Multifaceted Team

The team’s diversity in expertise allows the office to tackle a broad range of activities. Diversion investigators, special agents, and others work in sync to ensure that drugs and chemicals are used lawfully and responsibly.

Program Priorities and Field Management Oversight

One significant responsibility of the Office of Diversion is to manage program priorities and provide field management oversight. This means they direct their resources and efforts towards areas of greatest need, ensuring that their activities are as effective as possible.

Major Investigations and Regulation Drafting

The office coordinates significant investigations into suspected misuse or illegal activity involving controlled substances. They also draft and implement regulations, shaping how these substances are handled across the country.

National Drug Production Quotas

Another critical responsibility of the Office of Diversion is setting national drug production quotas. This control mechanism helps prevent the overproduction and potential misuse of controlled substances.

Diplomatic Missions and Treaty Obligations

The Office of Diversion also handles diplomatic missions related to controlled substances. This includes ensuring that the United States fulfills its obligations under various international drug control treaties.

Legislation and Legal Control

The office plays an essential role in designing and proposing national legislation related to controlled substances. They also provide advice and leadership on state legislation and regulation. Beyond that, they have the responsibility for the legal control of drugs and chemicals not previously under federal control.

Control of Imports and Exports

Import and export control is another vital area where the Office of Diversion plays a significant role. They monitor and regulate the import and export of drugs and chemicals to prevent their illegal use or distribution.

Monitoring and Tracking Distribution

The office uses computerized systems to monitor and track the distribution of certain controlled drugs. This helps ensure these substances are used appropriately and helps identify any potential problems or abuses.

Industry Liaison and Resource Planning

The Office of Diversion also acts as an industry liaison, facilitating communication and cooperation between government bodies and the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, they are responsible for resource planning and allocation within the program, ensuring that their activities are well-supported and effectively carried out.


In conclusion, the Office of Diversion plays a critical role in preventing the misuse of controlled substances. Their activities range from managing program priorities to proposing legislation, controlling imports and exports, and liaising with the industry. Their work is vital in ensuring that these substances are used responsibly and lawfully.

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