The Kingdom of Chandan lies east of Durshan and forms the southeastern coast of the continent. The Chandanians are a peace-loving people, and mostly make their living fishing (on the long eastern coast) and farming (during the short growing season). In summer, the land is green and pleasant. The winters, however, are known to be brutal.


  • Coastal Expanse: Extensive coastline with natural harbors, fostering maritime traditions.
  • Emerald Depths: Dense forests with rich biodiversity, serene glades, and hidden clearings.


  • Maritime Trade: Bustling harbors connect Chandan to distant lands, enhancing commerce.
  • Forest Resources: Valuable timber, resins, and rare herbs with medicinal and mystical properties.


  • Seafarers’ Songs: Rich oral tradition with tales of sea adventures and ancient heroes.
  • Deep Respect for Nature: Rituals and festivals honoring the bounties of sea and forest.


  • Monarchic Lineage: Ruled by a monarch, advised by nobles, merchants, and sages.
  • Coastal Keeps: Fortresses and watchtowers along shores for maritime trade and defense.

Places of Note within Chandan

  • Shorehaven: Capital city with grand palaces, bustling markets, and Naval Academy.
  • Valley of Echoes: Mystical valley in the forest, resonating with ancient spirits’ voices.
  • Lunar Port: Crescent-shaped harbor, maritime trade hub with vibrant nightlife.
  • Highcliff: Fortress on a dramatic cliff, guarding naval routes and offering ocean views.
  • Greenway: Town known for artisans crafting with wood, resin, and forest gems.

Notable Nobility of Chandan

  • Queen Ananya: Wise monarch with a deep connection to the sea.
  • Duke Suran: Patron of the arts and renowned shipbuilder in Shorehaven.
  • Lady Kavindra: Guardian of the Valley of Echoes, knowledgeable in forest lore.
  • Baron Jagan: Commander of Highcliff, celebrated for naval tactics and defense dedication.

Textiles and Clothing

  • Shorehaven’s unmatched textiles: A blend of sea-influenced silks and forest-inspired cotton and wool.
  • Weavers as storytellers: Every fabric piece tells a tale of maritime legends or forest essence.
  • Guilds and Workshops: Centers of learning and craftsmanship under Queen Ananya’s patronage.
  • Trade Hub: Shorehaven’s textiles are sought after by kingdoms and empires far and wide.

Chandan, with its rich maritime history and profound forest secrets, stands as a realm where nature and civilization coalesce in a harmonious dance. The textiles of Shorehaven, heart and soul of Chandan, weave stories and traditions into enduring threads, symbolizing the essence of the Chandani people.

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