The Supernatural

The forces of good are forever locked in a struggle with Antak, the bringer of chaos and death [Chaotic Evil].  He is known by many names, including “the Chaos Spirit.” 

The precise nature of Good is disputed from land to land, but many believe that there is only one force of good in the Universe: Rakshan [LG].  Many believe that the different gods in different lands are merely just different names for this guardian and protector. 

Some still hold to the old ways, believing that all things contain something of the Spirit within them.  

There are those that say that dark rites are performed, conjuring magic with human blood.  Some believe that this is to curry favor with Antak, and others say that the blood itself holds great power.  Such things are not spoken of often, or with any real knowledge of the matter.

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Last Modified: 08/30/2021

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