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Fundamentals of Criminology by Adam J. McKee

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Brain Physiology and Crime


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The Big Picture

The empirical validity of biological theories is very weak.  The research to date has been seriously flawed by inadequate methodology.  Only future research can validate these types of theories.  The nature of evolutionary theories, while intellectually compelling to many, means that empirical validation is very difficult.

Policy implications are largely based in whether we adopt the deterministic approach of the early theorists or the less deterministic theories of recent times.  The more deterministic a theory is, the more restrictive policies will be.

Key Individuals and Terms

Cesare Lombroso, Hans Eysenck, William Ferrero, Charles Goring, E. A. Hooten, Sarnoff Mednick, Adoption Studies, Atavism, Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), Behavioral Genetics, Biological School, Biosocial Theories, Biosocial Arousal Theory, Born Criminal, Criminaloid, Determinism, Evolutionary Theory, Insane Criminal, Stigmata


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