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Fundamentals of Legal Research by Adam J. McKee

This content is released as a draft version for comment by the scholarly community.  Please do not distribute.  

The purpose of this collection of documents is to allow our colleagues in the criminal justice community to provide feedback on the content as it is developed.  As such, it is incomplete and will contain many errors; we ask that you not distribute it or use it in your courses at this stage.   When it is put into its final form, we will remove the “DRAFT” tags, and the final textbook will be made available for free to the scholarly community as an OER textbook.  We will also make Kindle and print versions available at a low cost through Amazon’s KDP program. 

Chapter I: Introduction to Legal Research




Section 1.5: Case Law

Chapter II: The Courts


Section 2.2: Doctrines and Operations

Section 2.3: Structure and Purpose of Cases

Section 2.4: The Supreme Court of the United States

Section 2.5: The Lower Federal Courts

Chapter III: Research Tools




Chapter IV: Constitutions and Statutes



Chapter V: Court Rules and Practice

Chapter VI: Legal Research Strategy


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