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Fundamentals of Procedural Law by Adam J. McKee


Fundamentals of Procedural Law provides a concise overview of the foundations of the law of Criminal Procedure in the United States.

This book uses what has been called the “text-case” method.  The text part (this book) explains the general principles, practices, and issues related to the law of criminal procedure.  The case part (Fundamental Cases in Procedural Law) consists of excerpts from Supreme Court criminal procedure cases, specially edited for nonlawyers.  The case excerpts provide you with real-world encounters among criminal suspects, defendants, and offenders on one side and law enforcement officers, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and judges on the other.  The excerpts show you how the general principles apply to the details of actual situations, stimulating you to think critically about how the general principles and practices apply to day-to-day criminal justice administration.

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