Welcome to Section 6, a thorough exploration of “Procedures Outside of Trial.” The procedures followed before, during, and after a trial are critical to the functioning of the justice system. These procedures provide the structure needed to ensure fairness and justice for all parties involved.

In Section 6.1, we will delve into “Identification Procedures.” These procedures are the backbone of any investigation and include field identifications, lineups, photographic arrays, and forensic identifications. The section will detail the science behind these methods, their implementation in the field, and how they help ensure the accuracy of an investigation.

Next, in Section 6.2, we will examine “Bail and Pretrial Release,” discussing how courts determine who should be detained pretrial and who should be released. We will delve into the rationale behind these decisions and explore their implications.

Section 6.3 focuses on “Pretrial Procedures,” where we will explore the various steps from the initial appearance to pretrial motions. We will demystify terms like the grand jury, jurisdiction, venue, joinder and severance, giving you an inside look into the intricate workings of the court system.

Moving to Section 6.4, we will study “Probation and Parole.” We will discuss the considerations involved in granting and revoking probation and examine the rights of probationers and parolees.

Finally, in Section 6.5, we will explore the many facets of “Criminal Punishments,” covering everything from sentencing hearings to the different types of criminal sentences, including fines, property forfeiture, incarceration, and even the death penalty.

By understanding these procedures outside of trial, you will gain a comprehensive picture of the justice system. We hope that you find the following sections both informative and engaging.

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