Viewpoint [POV]

Notes on the Craft of Fiction

Video Content

Brandon Sanderson.  (2020).   Lecture #4: Viewpoint and Q&A — Brandon Sanderson on Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. [1 hour+]


Reedsy. (2019).  How to Write Using Multiple Points of View.  [13:37 min.]


Alexa Donne.  (2021).  Single vs Dual vs Multi POV | Which POV Should You Write?  [25:28 min.]


Abbie Emmons.  (2019).  How to Write (and Outline) DUAL POVs.  [8:52 min.]


Jenna Moreci.  (2021).  10 Best Tips for Writing a Multi-Perspective Book.  [12:15 min.]


ShaelinWrites.  (2019).  Psychic Distance | How to Control Point of View. [21:54 min.]


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