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Who I Am

Everything on this site–for good or ill–is attributable to Dr. Adam J. McKee unless otherwise specified in a particular document.  I am a professor of criminal justice at the University of Arkansas at Monticello.  The university is in no way affiliated with this site nor its content; I am a rogue actor acting in my private capacity, and my opinions are my own.

I focus on the following areas:

    • Research
    • Statistics
    • Law
    • Personal Finance for Helping Professionals
    • Policing

You can reach me via email at McKee@uamont.edu.

Read my full CV if you’re interested in the academic stuff.

OER Materials

The primary purpose of this site is to disseminate my Open Educational Resource (OER) materials to the world.  If you are not familiar, OER texts (and other materials) are designed to be made available to students for free.  My usual strategy is to make the HTML versions free and (slowly) to make Kindle eBooks and print (paper) books available at a very low price.  Instructors are free to embed these resources into an LMS (e.g., Blackboard) shell under my license.  Just cut and paste it from these blog pages.  The eBook versions and print versions are not in the public domain.

Pathetic Groveling

Over time, maintaining these OER materials incurs some fairly large expenses, aside from being an ongoing massive amount of work.  If you are a benevolent soul that wishes to help me defray some of these costs by making a small donation to the cause, you can earn my eternal gratitude via PayPal:


In addition to the donation link above, you can support this site by not getting too mad about Google advertisements.  Google pays me a few cents if someone happens to click on one.  I estimate this to happen about 1% of the time.

In addition to the Google ads, I am an Amazon affiliate, which means I get a small kickback if you buy something from a link on this site.

So be sure to donate, click on ads, and buy stuff from Amazon if you so desire.  I appreciate your support!  If you are a starving college student, a nice “thank you” email is always appreciated.

Need a Host for Your OER?

Have an OER project that needs a home?  Have a pedagogical aid that the world needs to access?  I am willing to “host” any OER materials that are of high quality and released under creative commons or similar free licenses.  Contact me via the email above if this is of interest.


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