Fundamentals of Corrections

Fundamentals of Corrections by Jennifer M. Miller and Adam J. McKee.


The Table of Contents

The textbook is divided into eight chapters. Each chapter covers a different topic in Corrections. The chapters are as follows:

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Section 1: Introduction to Corrections

Section 2: The Correctional System

Section 3: Incarceration

Section 4: Probation and Parole

Section 5: Rehabilitation and Treatment

Section 6: Special Topics in Corrections

Section 7: Corrections Law

Section 8: The Impact of Corrections

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Statement of Purpose

Welcome to Fundamentals of Corrections, an open educational resource (OER) textbook crafted to offer a thorough and captivating learning journey into the field of corrections. This textbook is freely available online and aims to embody the most progressive educational practices and insights while benefiting from the unique advantage of continuous enhancement through reader feedback.

Our objective with this textbook is to provide a clear and detailed resource that arms students with a robust understanding of corrections. By offering the textbook at no cost, we ensure that students from all walks of life can access top-tier educational materials without the hurdle of financial barriers. Moreover, the OER format allows students to contribute to the textbook’s improvement by offering their insights and feedback directly, promoting a collaborative and evolving educational environment.

Fundamentals of Corrections delves deep into various aspects of the corrections system, using real-life examples, a range of perspectives, and up-to-date research to make the material both relevant and impactful. The textbook encourages active engagement through diverse exercises, reflective questions, and scenarios that call for the application of learned concepts.

The advantages of using a free online OER include not only the elimination of financial barriers but also the accessibility of the material anywhere and anytime, which supports flexible learning schedules. Additionally, the digital nature of the textbook allows for dynamic content updates, ensuring that students always have access to the most current information.

As the authors, we are dedicated to the ongoing improvement of this resource, actively seeking and incorporating feedback to not only enhance the content but also the pedagogical approaches employed. This open dialogue with our readers helps cultivate a community of learners who are not just passive recipients of information but active contributors to the educational process.

By choosing Fundamentals of Corrections, educators and students alike join a community committed to the rigorous exploration and understanding of corrections, ensuring that learning is as dynamic and impactful as the field itself.

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